Gittany bit policeman’s ear

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Simon Gittany, the man infamously convicted of throwing his fiancee from a Sydney high-rise balcony, bit off part of a policeman’s ear while being arrested in 1994, records show.


Gittany, 40, pleaded not guilty to murdering his fiancee Lisa Cecilia Harnum by throwing her off their inner-city balcony on July 30, 2011.

He was convicted in a Sydney Supreme Court on Wednesday of killing her and will be sentenced next year.

Often unemployed and living at a Merrylands home with his mother, Gittany was in sight of Sydney police back in 1993.

Court documents reveal he attacked a police officer who went to his family home to arrest him over stolen goods.

When two officers, David Burgess and Keith Bristow, came to take him away on March 23, 1994, he resisted and a struggle ensued.

His mother Lamia Gittany was also involved in the melee, the documents say.

When the officers went to secure his arrest in a bedroom of the home, the then 20-year-old bit the ear of Senior Constable Bristow, who suffered “a severed portion to the left ear and generalised bruising”, the documents say.

Photos tendered to the court show Sen Const Bristow holding a piece of cloth to his ear as blood drips on his shirt and blood can be seen on his face as he sits in a wheelchair.

He required surgery.

The arrest was over stolen goods Gittany was caught with in August 1993 in Parramatta.

This included a VHS video recorder, a car stereo, a gold and diamond ring and a black-flowered bikini.

When asked by officers where he had obtained them, Gittany said a man at a pub had sold them to him for $200.

He later pleaded guilty to maliciously wounding an officer and receiving stolen goods.

He was sentenced to two and a half years of periodic detention.

Police on Thursday corrected media reports that the drug squad was investigating Gittany over business links with two methylamphetamine producers.

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